Orient vol. 58刊行のお知らせ

Orient vol. 58刊行のお知らせ

本会の欧文機関紙Orient vol. 58(Special Issue: Coexistence in the World of Abrahamic Monotheism: With Special Attention to Islam)が3月末に刊行されました。2022年度の会費納入時に購入を希望され,追加の会費4,000円をお支払いいただいた会員の方々には,刊行次第お届けします。それ以外の会員の方も,4,000円でご購入が可能です(非会員は7,000円)。ご希望の方は学会事務局までお問い合わせください。

Orient vol. 58
Special Issue: Coexistence in the World of Abrahamic Monotheism: With Special Attention to Islam
– Editor’s Note (Yasushi Tonaga)
– Jewish Coexistence: Past, Present and Future (Hiroshi Ichikawa)
– Anxiety, Hope, and Enterprising Spirit: Refugees Arriving in Malta Via the Mediterranean Route (Kumiko Fujiwara)
– Exposing the Tradition: Tolerance and Coexistence with Jews in the Contemporary Persian Gulf (Kenichiro Takao)
– The Islamic Notion of Conviviality: ʿAlī Sharīʿatī’s Argument about Women’s Rights (Kie Inoue)
– Religious Coexistence in Türkiye: Millet System of the Ottomans and “Seventy-two Religious Communities” of Yunus Emre (İdris Danışman)
– Images of Sufism and ‘Peaceful Co-existence’ in the Republic of India (Ayako Ninomiya)
– On the Idea of Symbiosis in the Poetry of Bulleh Shāh, an 18th Century Punjabi Sufi Poet (So Yamane)
– Sufism and Interethnic Coexistence in the Southern Region of Uzbekistan on the Post-Soviet Era: Focusing upon the Ritual of Jahr (Adham Ashirov and Seika Wazaki)
– Christmas for Indonesian Muslims: Controversy on Saying ‘Merry Christmas’ (Kazuhiro Arai)

– Emotions, Traumas, and War in the Old Babylonian Period (Patricia Bou Pérez)
– The Hittite Case of Royal Women in the Cult: The Queen and the NIN.DINGIR (CTH 714 and CTH 738) (Ada Taggar-Cohen)
– Interconfessional Dialogue on Faḍāʾil of the Twelve Imams: Rethinking the Confessional Boundary between Sunnism and Shiʿism in Medieval and Early Modern Islam (Ryo Mizukami)

Book Review
– Yuzo Nagata and Hikari Egawa, Bir Kentin Toplumsal Tarihi Açısından Osmanlı’nın Son Döneminde İstanbul’da Tiyatro ve Çevresi. Istanbul: Dergâh Yayınları, 2021. (Esra Dicle)

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